Will Next Year Be Higher Value Than This Year?

Will Next Year Be Higher Value Than This Year?

Will Next Year Be Higher Value Than This Year?


Everyone approaches New Years with great anticipation. There’s hope for change, improvement, and growth. Anything seems possible.


However, by summer everyone’s enthusiasm has disappeared. Our summer body becomes whatever body we wound up within the summer. Our business may be growing – or not. We aren’t so focused on big plans. Instead, we grind through each day and week, looking forward to weekends and vacation time.


But what if it wasn’t that way? What if you could plan for a better 2018 during 2017? What if you could become – now – the kind of person who will succeed next year?


Making Time to Grow

One of the excuses that people commonly make is that they are too busy to learn new things. Too busy to become someone new. The truth is that we make time for what is important to us.


I’ve discussed routines on this blog before, and I am a strong believer in the power of habit and routine to give us space to do more in our lives. Habits can streamline existing tasks to create breathing room in your day for new activities. Routines can allow you to add new actions on a regular basis, such as working out, reading, and more.


Growth Value Tool #1: Reading

The first thing to make time for regularly is reading. Too many people never read another book after they graduate from school. If you want to learn new skills, shift your mindset, and build a business, reading is essential.


Exactly what you read will vary depending on your goals, but a few slam-dunk suggestions are:


By setting up a morning routine, you can make a habit of reading books that will help you in your business or life. Just 30 minutes a day with some note taking afterward can be life-changing.


Growth Value Tool #2: Exercise

Everyone knows they should, yet few people consistently exercise. A friend once told me, “I’ve heard that you should consider each workout as giving yourself a raise.” The simple truth is that when you exercise, you are healthier, have more energy, and are able to be much more productive.


Exercise can be anything you like. If you hate running, don’t feel like you have to run. Instead, swim, walk, do workout videos, or lift weights. Whatever gets you moving and your heart pumping will make a significant positive difference in your life.


Growth Value Tool #3: Hobbies

I’m not sure where everyone got the idea that life had to be a serious rat race until retirement, but I’m not a believer in that at all. I think that fun should be part of your days and your life now, not at some hoped-for future point.


Take time during your week to schedule time for hobbies. Whether you enjoy building model cars or working crossword puzzles, having a hobby gives you time to relax and recharge. In fact, many studies have found that our minds are most productive and creative when we give them a break.


Growth Value Tool #4: Take Action on New Information

Another trap that many people fall in is that they are constantly learning but never implementing. So my last growth tool is a challenge: what are you going to do with what you learned today?


The ultimate way to add value is taking massive intentional action. Every coach will tell you to add value to whatever you are offering. It’s like this mystical thing no one actually knows what “value” is but everyone should bring it!


This is so important whether you are starting out, you are just getting into selling products or packages, or if you are massively expanding your business, right?


First I want to talk about what holds us back from offering value:


Our first hurdle: Confidence!

We aren’t sure that our product/ package/ ultimate offer is worth the value.

We start adding everything you can think of including the kitchen sink if someone would just buy one…. Can you feel the desperation in this?


Our second Hurdle: Your brain is lying to you!

Your mindset is saying you can’t add value because you haven’t “made it” yet.

You know that elusive number that means you are a real entrepreneur. Whether that’s $500 on a coaching package, $17 dollars on a book or a subscription to a product from a direct sales company it hasn’t happened yet. And it isn’t going to unless you stop letting your brain lie to you and you crush that goal!


Our third hurdle: You don’t know where to take action!

You have tried the splatter effect. This is where you try 8 different things across every social media account once and nothing goes viral immediately and then you never try again.


The good news is you’re not alone! I put together a value roadmap that will take you from begging your mom to buy your product to 2k in cash in less than one month.


We are going to cover what value actually is! You will be completely clear, No more guessing and missing the mark!

We are going to cover the common mistakes I see over and over again so you save time! Know what is holding you back from your full potential before you waste all of 2018 making the same mistakes!


97% of business owners are making mistakes that will eventually force their business to close and leave them in incredible debt. Everyone you talk to thinks their business is the miraculous 3%. Don’t guess BE one of the 3%.


You are going to get a 90-minute roadmap that will save you hours writing wording for your website, thinking of what to post on social media and finally be consistent.


You are going to commit to making more money than ever in your business!

You are going to earn those bragging rights so your significant other/ parents/ friends stop asking when are you going to get a real job???


If you attend the live roadmap training the cost is only $27 dollars. After that, the website official price is going to be $127!


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How to Create Positive Habits That Stick

Have you ever wished you could get your day off to a better start? Or that you could actually get to bed on time without getting hooked into staring at Facebook for two hours?

If so, I get it. And I want to share something that could really change everything for you.

The idea is based on creating morning and evening routines using something called habit stacking.

What is Habit Stacking?

Habit stacking is when you take a current habitual action and add a new, desired habit to it. You add the new habit either just before or just after your existing action. You can even add more than one new habit, and create an entire routine.

Here’s a great example. Let’s say your current habit is to wake up in the morning and immediately get a cup of coffee. You want to add a meditation or prayer habit to your morning. So to habit stack, you decide that immediately after you get your coffee, you will sit down and meditate for 10 minutes.

zona-garrett-how-to-create-new-positive-habits-that-stickBecause you’ve connected your new habit to an existing, hardwired action that’s already in your brain, it will make it much easier to add your new habit. It’s like having a shortcut already built in!

You can add any number of small habits to your “stack”, but keep in mind that the more you add the harder it will be to get them all accomplished. Not only are there more opportunities to be distracted, but the power of your initial ingrained habit diminishes as you get further past it in your morning.

You can work small, positive changes into your life with minimal resistance. And small changes add up quickly!!

If you’re like me, this is very exciting to you and you immediately want to start creating six new stacks in your life. Unfortunately, this isn’t setting you up for success. Instead, start with just one. Here are two ideas:

Existing morning habit: Get up and get coffee

Additional habit 1: Meditate or pray 10 minutes

Additional habit 2: Think of one thing you’re grateful for

Additional habit 3: Read one chapter of a devotional or motivational book

Those four habits together constitute one “stack”. You should be able to complete the stack in 30 minutes or less, making it easy to add to your day.

Additional Habit 1: Tidy one messy “hot spot”

Existing Evening Habit: Brush teeth right before bed

Additional Habit 2: Lay out clothes for the next day

Additional Habit 3: Pray or meditate for 10 minutes

With this evening routine, you’ve stacked one habit before your existing action of brushing your teeth, and two afterward. This also creates a great stack. Again, the whole routine should take 30 minutes or less. Wouldn’t you sleep better if you did this routine every night?

As you can see, it’s very easy to pick an existing habit and stack 1 – 3 new habits you’d like to add.  Begin with one new stack per month.  Just think of how much your life can positively change by the end of 2017. You won’t even recognize yourself at this time next year!

Originally printed in Real Deal Magazine

If you are tired of doing the same activities and hoping this year is different. Then join Nisla and I for the Habit of Success in Business. Also, when you sign up you will get an extra special video on competition never before released publicly!

The Power of Persistence

The Power of Persistence

The Power of Persistence: What’s the key to success as an entrepreneur?


Is it skill?






No, it’s something absolutely anyone can develop. It’s the power of persistence.


Mental Toughness and Success

What makes military cadets at West Point successful?


Research shows that intelligence, talent, test scores, and even physical strength have far less to do with success than simple grit. Grit, or perseverance and passion for long-term goals, was the key indicator of whether new cadets would successfully finish their first summer of training.


Angela Duckworth, who did the research on grit in West Point cadets, found similar results in other areas. She found that new teachers in tough neighborhoods, kids in the National Spelling Bee, salespeople, and more were far more likely to succeed if they scored highly for grit.


How Do You Develop Persistence?

If perseverance and passion for your goals are so essential for your success, how do you get there? How do you develop grit in your own life?


Here are some keys:

  • Be That Person. What you tell yourself about who you are will have a lot to do with whether you stick with your goals when they are tough. Be the kind of person that doesn’t quit.
  • Be Consistent. It’s not usually the big actions that help you win, but the small actions are done over and over. It’s the classic tortoise and hare – and the tortoise really does win.
  • Embrace Failure. Seeing failure as a data point instead of a defining moment is a big part of a growth mindset. Refuse to be afraid of failure.
  • One More Step. Choosing to take just one more step than is comfortable helps you create small wins, and helps you become a person that is persistent and has mental toughness.
  • Use Habits. Create habits that help you reach your goals so that you’re not starting from scratch every day.


It’s not easy to do these things on your own. Most people live in their comfort zone unless someone helps them move out of it.


Remember, this isn’t about climbing Mt. Everest tomorrow. It’s about becoming the kind of person who persists and is passionate about their goals. The kind of person who doesn’t fear failure and is consistent in their actions. The kind of person who goes all in


Because you deserve to have complete control over your time and money, I’ve helped many clients develop grit through my Failure Challenge and coaching programs.

Comment one action you are going to take to further your success today.


How Long Will You Wait to Live Your Dream?

How Long Will You Wait to Live Your Dream?

Taylor Manning. Caleb Maddix. Do those names ring a bell?


If not, you’re missing out. Both of them are massively successful entrepreneurs.


And they didn’t wait until “the right time” to launch their dream.


Taylor Manning started her freelance business during college. When she graduated, she didn’t even bother to look for a job. She knew that she had found what she wanted to do with her life – so she did it. At 19 years old.


Taylor became so successful that she now coaches other entrepreneurs, and makes more in a month than some people do in a full year. She flew past six figures per year by the age of 21.


Caleb Maddix is a 14-year-old entrepreneur who lives by the mantra “The gun that kills the most people is ‘gonna’.” He has heard countless people put off their dreams, saying that they will pursue a business when they get out of college, when they get married, or when they have more time.


He’s decided not to be that person. He says he sat down one day and realized that if he wanted to start a business, he could do it now just as easily as later. He’s been on dozens of mission trips and has seen what abject poverty looks like. His dream is to provide jobs for others, donate enormous amounts of money, and make a difference in the world.


What’s Your Excuse?

Neither Taylor nor Caleb let excuses stop them. Taylor could have said, “Oh, but I’m busy in school, I’ll think about this later.” Caleb could have said, “Oh, I’m just a kid, I’ll figure something out when I grow up.”


No one would have blamed them. And probably, no one blames you for the excuse you’re using either.


But what if you stopped making excuses?

 But what if you stopped making excuses-

What if you stopped waiting for “the perfect time”? What if you realized that you could start your dream today, and not some unknown time in the future?


What’s possible if you simply take action now?


Time Will Pass Anyway

In ten years, you’ll be a decade older whether you move toward your dreams or not. And trust me, you’ll wish you started today.


There will always be challenges. If you use challenges as excuses today, you’ll still be doing it in ten years. The circumstances will be different, but there will always be a reason not to start.


Will you let that hold you back? Or will you choose to be like Taylor Manning and Caleb Maddix, and take action where you are with what you have?


If you’re ready to act, I’m here to help. My Ultimate Cash for College program will help you develop the entrepreneurial skills you need to make extra money in school and beyond. Whether you want to start your own business full-time or just bring in extra money on the side, you’ll discover the strategies that make freelancers and entrepreneurs successful.


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This Isn’t Working Anymore!

This Isn’t Working Anymore!

I am exhausted! This isn’t working anymore! I work all the time and can’t catch a break. If only I could land my dream client… If only my family support the hard work that I do… If only I had a chance to slow down a bit. If only I knew exactly what the right answer was, I’d just do that!

Does this sound like something you’ve said lately? Maybe you’ve only thought it? Being an entrepreneur can be one of the most rewarding jobs. And it can be one of the most lonely.

Next to money problems; feelings of isolation, burnout, and indecisiveness on where to take the company can be overwhelming. With so many entrepreneurs struggling with direction in their businesses how do you beat the slump?

I took your advice here and what has worked for my personal 1-on-1 coaching clients and here is the top advice I have compiled from you to you!

Real Work Connection

Overwhelmingly the response was having an authentic connection to a business best friend took some of the pressure off. Get up close and personal with an individual or a mastermind group that will push you to grow your business and tell you when you need to slow down. Having like-minded individuals around will increase your ability and function in your business because we all know,

“You become like the 5 people you spend the most time with!”

So spend your time well!

Having a business friend or a mastermind group to work with to keep you growing your businesses and not just working in your business carries a value that grows exponentially. As vulnerable as you are the greater the potential for growth.

Mindfulness and Relaxation

The next response I have from your peers was mindfulness and relaxation. Being able to unplug from your business to be fully present with your family and friends increases the personal connection. It allows you to be fully present with the ones you love the most and support you while you take on the market you are a part of.

One of my clients advised that until he took the time to slow down with his family he found it harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning to work in his business. By cutting out the quality time he had with his family he had lost sight of the “why” he had started his business in the first place. He originally wanted the flexibility to go to family events, coach his son’s baseball team and have a regular date night with his wife.

While he was building his business he struggled to set the boundaries necessary with clients to protect his why. Until he focused on mindfulness to deal with the stress he had completely lost touch with what originally charged him up to accomplish great things in his business.

He took the time to make the necessary changes and unfortunately lost a couple of clients but the quality of his work grew. Most importantly his family got their husband and father back!

These traits of leaders make all the difference in growing your company in a personally sustainable way. 

Take the opportunity to grow your relationships with peer businesses and share this article! Comment below your favorite Mindfulness technique or relaxation activity!





Banish Burnout

Banish Burnout

With the Holidays behind us and the New Year stretching out seemingly endless, it can be overwhelming to get back into action. Don’t worry if you are feeling burnout, stressed and the struggles of a drained bank account.

I have had several clients reaching out to me asking, “How do I create a plan for 2017 when I’m already so tired? Where do I go from here?”

First, I feel you! I have had many years where I spent in a dead sprint from Nov 1 until it seemed like the end of January. This year was the first year I had the holidays off since high school. (ahem, no comments about my age!)I was in a rut where I wasn’t able to enjoy the holiday season, let alone my family. It took me until the third holiday season in my business to take the time off to be with my family.

How did I banish my holiday burnout?

Mindfulness. Now a lot of people talk about mindfulness but how do you DO THAT? When I’m talking about mindfulness its a combination of focus and intentionality. One way you build mindfulness or stress into your life is the story you have in your head while activities are happening.

One of my clients (really all of them) is brilliant! But she so easily sweeps that aside, especially in her business. We know being an entrepreneur is wonderful, however, it rarely has all peaks without the valleys. One bump happens and she forgets she is a poised, intelligent, capable business woman. Not just her but sometimes as owners, we become crisis driven.

Take the time to be mindful each day and as often throughout the day as possible.

When you are in a situation, what you say to yourself in your head around the situation creates a tie in your brain. For instance, when you are looking around and your house is much messier than you would love for it to be day to day think about what you say to yourself.

Do you use phrases like, “I can’t believe I live in this filth! I’m/ this is disgusting. I should be better, more organized…” or any other accusatory speech? These words and phrases build and reinforce the story that you are a failure. You will begin to have an emotional response based on the story you have been hearing in your head.

One way you can be mindful in situations where your house doesn’t look perfect is to practice gratitude.

Look for 3 things for which you are grateful. For example, I’m grateful for the blanket strewn across the couch because it symbolizes quality time with my family.

Being mindful of the benefits and consequences of having a family, love, community or connection often look messy. It can look like dishes, or crumbs on the floor, groceries to put away, laundry that needs to be done.

In a work setting, this is reflected in having new challenges. You can be upset about challenges popping up or having new places to overcome. That is one way to view business flow.

Another way you can spin the story in your head is being grateful to have new challenges, that they symbolize growth, expansion, a healthy company.

I was speaking with a client in one of my mastermind groups and they informed me they were not getting the sales they wanted and couldn’t understand why. They had made a post on Facebook about selling a product in their new business one time.

That’s the equivalent of shouting from your porch, “I started a business!”

and never following up. We spoke a little about managing expectations and the story they had in their head about what people thought.

As humans, we still don’t read minds but we like to make up what others think. Staying open, and vulnerable, to give people the benefit of being personally invited into our story builds a connection to the business. We worked on being open to giving people the benefit of the doubt, that maybe the customers were distracted or hadn’t seen the post.

In that case, it would be a disservice to not repeat the message about the product.

My client was able to move from stressed and overwhelmed to hopeful and open to sharing the product they offered and get back out there!

When we look at these stories we are being intentional with our focus and the conclusions we draw from actions and reactions to ourselves.

We choose every day the connections we make from all of the data streaming into our lives.

When you tell the data where to go and how to connect we respond intentionally. When the data has us running scared, running stressed we are reacting in the moment to a temporary position as a permanent issue.

I challenge you to start paying attention to what you say to yourself about what’s going on!

If you are looking to Up-Level Your Mindset We have a free 5-day challenge to help you Banish burnout, Gain Clarity and Build Momentum to have your best year yet in 2017!

Email info@plantosucceed.net or click on Up-level your Mindset.