Lead vs Influence

Lead vs Influence

How to Be an Influencer


Are you a business leader looking to make more of a difference in your community? If so I have great news for you.


The skills you use to successfully lead your business and the skill you need to impact your community have a lot in common.


It’s easy to think that the behaviors that work in business don’t work in society at large. After all, your neighbors aren’t your employees, so why should they listen to you?


The answer is simply in the difference between being a leader and a boss. Leaders inspire and invite others to follow them. Bosses give orders.


If you have the skills of a leader, you can make an incredible difference in your community and in your company, no matter where you serve.


Know What Motivates Those Around You

One problem many people have is that they care more about their own agenda than the ideas of those around them. Choosing to care about other’s ideas, dreams, and motivations can help you stand out from the crowd.


Caring about others’ motivation also gives you an important advantage. People will see you as someone who can help them achieve their goals, which means you will have influence with them. They will listen to your strategies and ideas if they feel you have their best at heart.


Combine the Big Vision with the Small Details

Some people have a big picture view and are always looking to the future. Others focus on details and think about what they can implement today.


If you can do both, you’ll be well on your way to being an influencer.


Not only will combining the overall strategy with the daily tactics give you a better understanding of the situation, it will allow you to relate to others better. You can speak to both the big picture folks and the detail people in their own language, which will help them respect you and give your ideas priority.


Develop Excellent Communication Skills

Being a great communicator isn’t a single skill. Instead, it combines a variety of skills, including:

  • Timely responses to messages and calls
  • Public speaking
  • The ability to handle hard conversations
  • Active listening
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Written communication


All these skills have to be combined with a solid grasp of communication strategy. Strategic communication is about knowing who needs what information, when they need it, and having a plan to ensure they receive it.


Skip the Blame Game

If mistakes happen – and they will – don’t get involved in trying to find out whose fault it was. Fault is irrelevant and pointing fingers will make you look small and insecure.


Instead, be a leader by jumping right in and helping fix the problem. By being decisive and helping during difficult situations, you will build your reputation and become more influential in the groups you serve.


Influence is About Service, Not Position

Some business and community leaders who want to make a difference focus on obtaining high-level positions in the organization. They believe that if they have a title, people will listen to their ideas and act on what they share.


Unfortunately, that’s far from the truth. Someone who consistently serves, in any role, will have more real influence than a power-grabbing CEO or board president. People may obey to a boss if they have to, but they will be looking for ways to undercut or under-implement the ideas.


In contrast, a faithful doorman who makes a simple suggestion to an upper executive may receive more respect and have more influence simply because he or she has been serving for years. Proven character is a larger part of influence than the title on your desk.


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Personal Branding: Its Essential

Personal Branding: Its Essential

Answer quickly: What does Gary V have that you probably don’t have?


Nope. It’s not hustle, a ridiculous work ethic, or a million dollars.


It’s a personal brand.


What does Gary V sell? He sells himself, and he does it very, very well.


I mean, it’s as simple as the fact that I can say “Gary V” and you instantly know what I mean. So why does it work – and more importantly, how can you create one too?


Why a Personal Brand Works

People do business with those they know, like, and trust. A personal brand helps people feel that they know more about who you really are, which helps them develop the “know, like, and trust” factor.


When you develop a personal brand, you don’t focus your messaging on what you sell, you focus your message on who you are and why you’re driven to serve others. This helps tie into another key marketing principle – people love to shop but they hate to be sold.


If you’re focusing on portraying who you are and why you’re serving your audience, you avoid the feeling of “selling” while you are, in fact, boosting the credibility of your products and services.


Finally, people buy based on emotions and justify their decisions with logic later. By building an effective personal brand, you’re building a bank of positive emotions with your targeted tribe. When they see that you have a product or service for sale, they’ll be more likely to buy from you.


How to Build an Effective Personal Brand

I want to get one misconception out of the way right away – an effective personal brand does not have to mean that everyone likes you and you offend no one. In fact, you may turn off a large group of people.


What matters is that you connect deeply with your target customers. You want to build a loyal group of followers – a tribe – and that means you have to take a narrow focus that appeals especially to them.


Let’s look at Gary V again. He’s got an incredibly passionate tribe who hangs on his every word. People who want to hustle at the level that Gary does. People will sacrifice everything in order to succeed. To them, Gary is a hero.


And then there are detractors. Have you ever had someone write in Inc magazine that your theories could destroy others’ businesses? Gary V just shakes it off. He’s not for them, he is of his own tribe.


Some other methods that will help you build your personal brand:

  • Have a Clear Message. Know what you’re portraying and to whom. Gary V started with a message based on a single word: Hustle. Your message should have that same focus and clarity.
  • Be Consistent. As someone building a personal brand, you have to keep your public persona consistent. Share the same message and focus on LinkedIn as you do on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.
  • Be Unforgettable. One benefit to being controversial is that people remember you. Love you or hate you, they remember. As someone building a personal brand, you can’t afford to be bland or sound like everyone else.
  • Focus on Exposure. In order to build your personal brand, you have to be visible. Be active on the same social media outlets your customers frequent. Create content – videos, and writing – that gets shared.
  • Be You. You won’t be successful if you try to be another Gary V or another famous person. Those folks are taken. Be you, connect with your tribe, and watch your brand grow.


What do people think of when they think of you? Not sure? By clarifying your message and focus you can increase the business seeking you out versus chasing people down!

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Your Community is Vital to Your Success

Your Community is Vital to Your Success


Being well-connected to your community is vital to your business’ success. And I’m not just talking about your community of customers and followers – I’m talking about the actual city or town that you live in.


In business, it’s not just what you know but who you know. A good friend of mine has invested herself in building a brand behind her name. She has become quite a bit of a digital nomad, however, if you walk into our town everyone knows of her. If they don’t physically know her they can at least recognize her from her presence in the community and social media.


Her visibility in the community gains her the social proof to be seen as an authority. People go to her first because they see her and associate her with success for their programs and events. Her name has become synonymous with connectedness.


Being known and having her reputation enter the room before she does lowers people’s concern about working with her, it also builds know, like, and trust factors! This is how you draw people to what you are doing authentically and without having to be salesy.


Interested in seeing the same results yourself? Here’s how you can build relationships in your community.


How to Build Relationships in Your Community

Engaging with your community isn’t just about building your brand and reputation, although it will do that. It’s about having an authentic focus on being involved and caring about the people in your city or town.


Be a Partner or a Sponsor

A great way to build community relations is by being a partner or a sponsor in an academic or charity setting.


What ways can your business connect with a local school or university to hold events or offer internships? Can your company offer scholarships as part of a community-wide contest? What other organizations can you partner with?


You can also look for charity events to sponsor or partner with. If your company has a focus on helping children with a fun run related to schooling or children’s health would be a great sponsorship.


Fun and Games

Consider having your organization put up a team for a local softball, basketball, or bowling league. Or, look for volleyball leagues, billiards leagues, or bean bag tournaments. Not only will your employees enjoy bonding outside of work, but your business will be a participant in community events.


Whether your company’s team wins or loses is far less important than the fact that your company is involved in the community in a playful, fun way. You don’t always have to be selling or building your brand – sometimes it pays to just relax!



Encouraging individual employees to volunteer in their spare time is great, but why not take the next step and bring together a group from your company to give back to your city? You can even allow people to volunteer for part of their paid hours each month.


There are a ton of different ways to volunteer as a group, including Habitat for Humanity, helping at food banks, cleaning up the sides of the road, and more. Get creative and make a difference!


Why Your Community Matters to Your Business

Your company doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Being connected to your community has been a fundamental part of the health of a business for decades.


Being well-connected to your community not only builds goodwill and brings in customers, it helps you attract the top talent from your area. Your company will be a desirable place to work, and you’ll be able to retain your best workers more easily.


Community connections also help you win major business accounts. Why not be the supplier of choice for the industries in your area? Why not show your commitment to relationships and social responsibility and reap the rewards of being a good neighbor?


When you take the time and energy to build real, long-term, valuable relationships within your community, you’ll strengthen more than your market position. You’ll also build morale among your staff, become a desirable place to work and reap the intangible rewards of giving back in ways that matter.


Are you ready for valuable relationships in your business? Have you been asking how do I get to the next level, and break through the noise?


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