Plan to Succeed Business Coaching was founded in 2014 by Zona Garrett.  Clients connect technical skills and fresh perspective on the world. So you create a sincere and sustainable business.

Be the Hero of Your Own Business

Here at Plan to Succeed Coaching we throw conventional out of the window. You are the hero of your own business story.

3 Pillars of Business

You will overcome almost any obstacle. Truly take your future into your hands through learning and applying new skills based on three pillars.

The First Business Pillar- Identity

Clients are set apart by their unique worldview. Identity is the natural effect or shift that walks into the room when you do. It also frees you from copying everyone else!

Pillar Two- Integrity

We do the right thing in a reliable way. Our business is respected and trusted.

We help you do this too by making fiscally responsible decisions. Expecting openness to learn everything necessary for your success.

This sets you apart from hobby owners, who are in business in name only. In contrast, business owners build a lasting imprint that makes things better than they found it. Consequently, this shows in their family, relationships, and the community.

Business Pillar Three- Influence

Influence means to affect something even indirectly, in an important way.

At Plan to Succeed, unconventional and authentic views of creating income changes.  Making a living isn’t a life sentence but an inspired vision.


Zona is a published author, coach, and mentor. She worked in banking and finance for almost a decade. While that was fulltime she also spent her evenings on her passion to help people.

She worked in the fight against human trafficking and for accessible basic well-being.

Zona managed funds, systems, and all of the volunteers for Operation Refuge in the State of Iowa. There she connected resources, systems, and needs together for the state.

After being successful in both areas Zona finally took the plunge to join her two passions together. This developed into the 3 pillars of business.

Coaching was a natural next step for the work and life experience she had.


Zona studied Professional Coaching through PCCI. The International Coaching Federation endorsesPCCI’s classes. This brings the best training and life experience to her clients.

Fusing spiritual practices, coaching, and practical training, you will get a whole person approach.

Plan to Succeed Coaching will never ask you to take on massive debt or max out your credit cards to get the coaching you deserve.

Take Charge of your Thoughts


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